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AT LAST! My music is up :3

2011-04-09 13:50:26 by ravenline

Check it out pleasee :D
I need some criticism~


Music not being uploaded?

2011-04-07 20:14:55 by ravenline

I've been signed up for a few weeks now, & NG hasn't added any of my submitted music yet. :c

My music

2011-03-28 19:58:59 by ravenline

Since my music is yet to be approved by Newgrounds, check it out on youtube in the meantime!

:D <3

My music must be approved...

2011-03-19 21:05:14 by ravenline

Hey people. I've submitted a few of my songs now but they have to be approved first, so... patience! They'll be here soon. :}
~DJ Ravenline