What do you think of WIPs?

2011-06-29 14:18:33 by ravenline

I have alot of unfinished songs, so I could post a bunch right now... But I don't think theyre good at all yet, and i'm not sure if anyones really anticipating my work THAT much XD
Lemme know what you think!


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2011-06-29 15:06:44

They go well and like any audio artists I am sure they appreciate the critique, it can help them decide whether they will continue one way or change the final piece. As for your many undone WIP pieces, should compile them all into one big song, would love to hear what they all sound like.

ravenline responds:

Taking your suggestion and compiling some of my WIPs. :D


2011-06-29 22:41:41

Yup, send a PM when done so I can review it. :P


2011-07-07 15:38:14

WIPs are like a baby, treat it right and get and amazing grown up song. WIPs are the way to get help so u can fix the song up, i always love to see WIPs especially when they are made in FL Studio (since i use it myself). Just post them and who knows? Maybe your WIP is going to have more vote than the whole song itself.


2011-07-07 15:39:35

Sry for the double post, but when u get new stuff pm me for a review and a 5 vote (If u deserve it :D)

ravenline responds:

I have no problem with dounle posting :) and i just posted a start to a new song of mine. checkitout!:D